Air mattress is usually perceived as a water toy or a flotation device. However, it is commonly used for sleeping purposes by a lot of people. For sure, it is not thebest-mattress you can buy, but it can be used for a lot of different situations. A deflated mattress can be rolled and storied easily. Therefore, some people go camping with them, and some buys them as temporarily bed in places with no additional bed.

Mostly, air mattresses are made of PVC, with some exceptions where the textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber has been used. They can be easily inflated orally, mechanically or with an electric pump.

There are three main usages of air mattresses: camping, temporary use or permanent use in bedroom. Some mattresses are made for all of those usages, and some are orientated for only one or two of them. In the United States, big (usually twin to king size) air mattresses are called air beds.

Air beds have some benefits over the usual innerspring or foam ones. They can improve one’s quality of life and sleep and potential render some measure of relief especially to people with back pain. Their firm can be adjusted to be comfortable to anyone, regardless of body sizes, shapes and weights. Some people use air bed for people who are bedridden. It protects from pressure sores which can cause ulcers and potential death. By protecting, it actually contributes to a person’s healing process. Moreover, there are some mattresses that do not contain any harmful toxic compounds and VOCs. These are an ideal choice for allergic people.

Some air mattresses have multiple air chambers, which allow more even distribution of weight. It also helps to reduce the pressure points which cause turning and tossing. Simultaneously, ordinary mattresses form pressure points and cause uneven support over time. Adjustable firmness of both sides provides to you and your partner more deep and restorative sleep.

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